Be Kind

One Dollar Saves A Life

Due to our wonderful volunteer cooks and bulk food contracts, we are able to provide a gourmet meal for just one dollar. The children we serve may have never had anyone give them a meal. This leaves them feeding off of garbage and feeling like they are garbage themselves. Just a single meal gives them hope in humanity. Just a single meal gives them hope for themselves and their future.

When you think about donating to Bnei Noah remember this story: there was a man throwing starfish into the ocean. They were washed up and were going to die, deprived of water. So he started throwing them into the ocean one by one. There were thousands of them. An onlooker passed by and said, “what are you crazy, you’ll never put back all the starfish. There are thousands of them. What you’re doing will not matter.”

The “thrower” turned to the critic and threw one more starfish into the sea and said, “well, I matter to that one”.
You too can matter to one Indian child.

One of your distant cousins. Besides, one is Biblically required to give 10% of their income to charity. They are encouraged to give 20%. And hasidic Jews have been known to give far more than 20%. Some even giving their last penny. And yet, no one ever feels a loss when they give charity. They find they only get back more. I can personally attest to this. So if you can give, give a full measure. Give everything you can. And if you can’t give, you can surely at least give a dollar. And that too, will have an impact that we cannot calculate.

Donate here with all major payment options.
Send a check made out to Bnei Noah to 6 Rebecca Lane Rockaway NJ 07866
Address them to Rabbi Pollen