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No Child Should Have To Eat From The Garbage To Survive

Respected Donor,

If you want to ensure every cent you donate to charity has the maximum impact possible, you will want to read this letter in its entirety. I’d like to introduce you to the “garbage children.”

This is not a name I gave them. It’s a name they gave themselves.

The reason these are “garbage children” is because they have nothing to eat, so they must sift through Gujarat, India’s garbage landfill for survival. As our Vice President said “they don’t just eat from the garbage, they live in the garbage.” They play there. And I’m sure that makes them feel like garbage.

There are hundreds of thousands of “garbage children” eating discarded food as you read this letter in an air conditioned room.

It Gets Worse

As if it could get worse, hospitals recently started dumping their waste in the same landfill where they feed. Now these children are being stuck by syringes as they rummage to try to save their lives. We suspect some have already contracted AIDS or other diseases.

There is a another option for starving Indian children. Many become “prostitutes” of “professional beggars”. This means white collar criminals take them from house to house to garner pity and to open up wallets. The children, of course, receive nothing. All proceeds go to the “professionals”. As if it could get worse than that, these “child pimps” are so heartless that they are known to maim the children causing them permanent injury. Why? Because a handicapped child will bring in even more donations.


Gandhi’s Home

As a matter of trivia, Gandhi used to live in Gujarat where Bnei Noah is based. His message has obviously been lost and he is certainly turning in his grave. We hope our organization gives Ghandi some pride.

Alternatives To Bnei Noah (None)

Where is the government? Why aren’t they providing food stamps for the poor like every other civilized country. No. They have turned a blind eye. They spend 350 million to have the tallest statues of any country while hundreds of millions starve. Imagine the good that 350 million could do.

Where is the Ford Foundation? They were expelled from India in 2006 for corruption and meddling in elections.

Amnesty International is busy protecting gay rights in India, but is not helping those who need to live long enough to exercise those rights.

 Red Cross is not there. They have merged with the government. They are run by Ram Nath Kovind. Our Vice President Jebin Nagajaran said even though they officially have 700 centers on the ground, he has never seen a Red Cross worker vaccinate or feed a person in all his 26 years.

No one is taking care of these children. We have no one on which to rely.

Only Bnei Noah is there. Only YOU are there


Our Regular Feedings

Bnei Noah is holding feedings for these children regularly in which the “garbage children” little hands are washed clean before they eat the hot and delicious Indian food.

As they eat, they are taught basic principles of ethics. Don’t steal. Don’t lie. Be faithful to your loved ones. Don’t curse. Be kind to animals. Remember that there is accountability in this world. There is an “eye that sees” and “an ear that hears”. These are the principles of the 7 Universal Noahide laws, which, by the way, is completely non-denominational.

During a moment of silence at the feeding you will often hear tears of joy being wept as for once, somebody took the time to notice them, and care for them.

We Are Family. Nothing Less.

Bnei Noah was established in 2005. Its stated mission is to turn the world into one big family. A family that reaches out to one another to ensure their needs are met both physically and spiritually.

No one would let family member’s starve. No one would let them get pricked with dirty needles. No one would let them get maimed and “pimped” as young as two years old. But in truth we do allow it. In truth we are all family. Just distant cousins.

As committed leaders of our global family, Bnei Noah seeks not only to feed bellies but to feed souls. To restore dignity. To restore love of a fellow human being. To restore morality.

Most of these children are orphans. Which means these are not “garbage children”. They are our children. And they are crying out for more food, and we do not have enough money yet to feed them properly.  They don’t want to have to resort to a landfill to eek out maybe one meal a day.


What If It Was Your Child?

We are so blessed to live in a first world country. But just imagine, for a moment, if our child had been born into this life. What wouldn’t you do to save them, and nurse them back to wellness? Whatever you would do. That’s what we ask of you right now. This really is your family.

Every dollar you donate to Bnei Noah is a meal for one of these children. That one meal will fill a child’s belly, warm their heart, and restore their faith in themselves and in humanity. How many lives will you save today?

Stretch yourself. Make the most generous donation you possibly can. And in turn, we will provide photos of the exact children you fed. You will certainly enjoy seeing their smiling faces. I know that my pictures have given me joy for 15 years. The pride will fill you up and melt your anxieties. It’s better than Prozac.

Use the online form here or make your check payable to Bnei Noah and send to Rabbi Shmuel Pollen at 6 Rebecca Lane, Rockaway, NJ 07866. May God bless you with great success in all that you do.

With great gratitude,

Rabbi Shmuel Pollen

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